We know what it takes
to go global

Baidu GBU has over 11 years’ experience in
operating its products and services in countries
around the globe. With our finger on the pulse
of new marketing trends worldwide, we
are able to provide advertisers with insightful,
comprehensive marketing solutions.

Our aggregated media
resources cover more than
1 billion high-quality users

MediaGo’s media resources include Baidu’s own
products Facemoji Keyboard, Simeji Keyboard,
popln and more. MediaGo also offers access to
popular platforms including Snapchat, Pinterest
and Reddit, allowing customers to leverage
multiple ad formats targeting a wide range of
user interests and content.

Accurate user segmentation =amazing conversion rates

We provide customized advertising solutions
based on the unique requirements of our
customers. With our programmatic technology
and precise user targeting, we help advertisers
maximize their conversion goals.

DMP=Owned and
Operated Keyboard Apps

We cover over 450mn users via Facemoji/Simeji
(#1 keyboard in Japan), Baidu Chinese IME
Keyboard, and preload partnerships with Xiaomi
and Oppo. This data can be uesd for advanced
ad targeting, user profiling, look-alike modeling,
business insights and audience analytics.